Ways to Spruce Up Your Tulsa Patio & Outdoor Living Space

Does your Tulsa patio need a makeover? Whether you want to just spruce up your patio a little or totally renovate your outdoor living space, we have some great ideas for transforming your outdoor environment. Outdoor seating. Of course, to have a functional entertaining space, you definitely need adequate seating for your guests, and there […]

Water Landscaping Trends Perfect for Tulsa Outdoor Living

The gentle sounds of water flowing are always a relaxing feature of an outdoor living space in Tulsa. Many residents are thus opting to build beautiful and sometimes unique water features in their outdoor environments. Not only adding a relaxing tone to the outdoor living area, water features also can become the focal point of […]

Pet-friendly Tulsa Landscape Design Ideas

We love our pets. They really become like family. So as the weather gets warmer and we spend more time outside, we want our four-legged friends to similarly enjoy the outdoors and their own outdoor environment. How can you create a more pet-friendly Tulsa landscape design ? Dogs, of course, love to run and play, […]

Tulsa Hardscape Materials – What are Hardscapes? How Can They Improve your Outdoor Environment?

You may often hear the words hardscape and hardscaping used by Tulsa landscaping companies, but what exactly are hardscapes and how are they useful in your outdoor environment? Hardscape materials become the foundation of a great Tulsa landscape. They are the permanent, inanimate features in your landscape – those made with concrete, pavers, stone, wood, […]

Jenks “Living Classroom” Features Explained by Tulsa Landscaping Company

As you may have read in one of our earlier blog posts, a “living classroom” is being created for Jenks Public Schools by Oklahoma Landscape. This outdoor classroom is in the process of being built near the Freshman Academy in Jenks, Oklahoma. More than just a simple garden, this unique Tulsa landscape design will be […]