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Highlight the outdoor space by providing balance

Accent lighting must be designed so as to highlight not overshadow the outdoor space by providing the correct balance of light between hardscapes, landscape, and the architecture and personality of the home itself. Our lighting designers can discuss with you what tone you want your landscape to have at night and design a custom lighting system that will perfectly accomplish your lighting goals.

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Patio & Deck Lighting

Accent lighting for your patio, deck, or pool area can not only give you a beautiful way to showcase features of your landscape such as your pool or garden but will also give you a far greater period of time in which to enjoy your outdoor environment. Patio or deck lighting should be planned to compliment the entire landscape and take into account any changes that may occur over time such as foliage growth, seasonal changes, or hardscape additions.

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Pathway Lighting

Landscape Lighting for your Tulsa home can add a dramatic tone or style to an area while providing security and added safety at night. Path and driveway lighting helps guide people safely while aesthetically connecting the home with the landscape. Our Tulsa landscape lighting designers use safe, environmentally-friendly low voltage lighting to outline these pathways. With carefully-planned lighting design and attention to the desired effect our clients want lighting to have, we can create a balanced lighting design that brings out the subtle nighttime beauty of a landscape to the fullest degree.