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Build retaining walls that withstand the test of time and weather

Because of the topography of a Tulsa property, a retaining wall may be needed to create a level surface and prevent erosion on a sloped area and making it suitable to build other landscape features such as a pool, outdoor room, or kitchen. However, if they are not properly built, retaining walls in Tulsa can easily succumb to the pressures of weather and other natural elements. Our designers have the experience and expertise to build retaining walls that can withstand the test of time and weather.

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Complementary Additions

Retaining walls add a decorative charm to the Tulsa landscape and can simply be used to divide certain areas of a property, creating dimension and definition for a landscape. But they should also coordinate visually with the rest of your landscape and the architecture of your home.

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Drainage Elements

These retaining walls should also be designed to work seamlessly with your landscape’s drainage and irrigation system so that the wall can adequately protect your home. As one united team, our Tulsa designers and drainage specialists design every retaining wall to have the proper drainage elements.