Why Use Tulsa Pavers to Update Your Landscape

Are you looking to give your outdoor environment an update for summer? Using pavers in your Tulsa landscape design can offer many practical as well as aesthetic advantages over other hardscape materials like poured concrete. Pavers or “paving stones” can be used in a variety of outdoor living area such as the patio, pool area, […]

Tulsa Hardscape Materials – What are Hardscapes? How Can They Improve your Outdoor Environment?

You may often hear the words hardscape and hardscaping used by Tulsa landscaping companies, but what exactly are hardscapes and how are they useful in your outdoor environment? Hardscape materials become the foundation of a great Tulsa landscape. They are the permanent, inanimate features in your landscape – those made with concrete, pavers, stone, wood, […]

Give Your Tulsa Landscape an Updated Look

Give Your Tulsa Landscape an Updated Look

Is your landscape looking a little dated or lackluster? We know it’s important to maintain and make improvements to our homes, but what about our Tulsa landscapes? Actually, outdated or ill-designed landscaping can make your home look dated as well. On the other hand, polished Tulsa landscape design can be a cost effective way to […]