Give Your Tulsa Landscape an Updated Look

Give Your Tulsa Landscape an Updated Look

landscape design tulsaIs your landscape looking a little dated or lackluster? We know it’s important to maintain and make improvements to our homes, but what about our Tulsa landscapes? Actually, outdated or ill-designed landscaping can make your home look dated as well. On the other hand, polished Tulsa landscape design can be a cost effective way to raise the value of your home and add curb appeal.

How can you update your Tulsa landscape and thus update your home as well?

First, make sure your trees, shrubs, and plants are not overgrown. Over the years, plants and shrubs can grow until they cover your windows or are no longer in proper proportion to your home. Trimming and pruning these can help prevent them from taking over your home.

You can also transplant a shrub to another part of your landscape to give the landscape a slightly different look – kind of like adding or moving a piece of furniture in your home. Adding new varieties of flowers and plants in an assortment of different colors and textures can liven up your landscape. Especially around the front door, updating containers and adding new flowers to them can really spruce up the look of your home.

Adding interesting Tulsa hardscapes is another way to bring subtle character to your outdoor space. A flagstone pathway creates an inviting way to lead guests through your garden. Walkways can be designed using a variety of hardscape materials that can accentuate the architectural design of your home. These pathways create a visual way to connect your landscape with your home and elegantly guide visitors to your home’s entrance.

tulsa hardscapesYou can also use hardscapes to edge flowerbeds to create a more modern and sleek design in your landscape. Retaining walls are another hardscape that can really give your home a polished design feel by effectively separating portions of your landscape into more useable spaces while also protecting your landscape from erosion, all while using materials that come in a variety of decorative styles and colors.

Adding or updating water features like fountains or waterfalls can provide an interesting focal point for your outdoor space.

If you want to really update your landscape, building an outdoor kitchen or fireplace with a nearby outdoor seating – “living room” – area will significantly increase the value of your home and transform your landscape. Today, these areas can have all the conveniences of home in a modern Tulsa outdoor environment. Outdoor kitchens, fireplaces, and fire pits create the perfect spot for entertaining friends and relaxing with family just about all year round.

From little improvements in flowers, containers, and landscaping to more extensive Tulsa landscape design additions, there’s an almost endless variety of ways to update the look of your landscape while also increasing the value of your home and neighborhood.

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