well-cared for lawn and landscaping in front of nice home

Protect Your Landscape Investment with Irrigation

Your investment in your home is more than just the building you live in. It also includes your lawn and landscaping. A beautiful lawn and well-manicured landscaping increase the curb appeal of your home, which in turn increases your property value. But to maintain both of those things, you need to take proper care of […]

weed free landscape

Removing Weeds From Your Beautiful Landscape

You can see it now: your front yard landscaped to well-defined perfection. You have every color and size of plants picked out, and a yard gnome even sits idle in your garage. But you hesitate to start crafting the yard of your dreams because you know that spring will bring with it the endless growth […]

reseed your fescue in the fall to keep it coming back lush and green

Fall into Fescue!

Back to school means it’s time to reseed. The end of summer is more than just getting back to school; it’s also the time to reseed your fescue lawn. If you have a yard with part or full shade, fescue is a wonderful option. It’s rich in color and soft, providing a beautiful ground cover […]

Tulsa Commercial Lawn Care

What Can You Do This Fall to Prepare Your Commercial Lawn for Spring?

As all experienced gardeners, grounds men, and landscaping professionals will know, there is no such thing as too early when it comes to prepping a lawn. In fact, in order to exert any kind of controlled influence over a reasonably sized area or grass or turf, you have to first be able to predict its […]

The Absolute Best Time to Treat Your Lawn for Mosquitoes | Lawn Treatment Mosquitos Tulsa

The Absolute Best Time to Treat Your Lawn for Mosquitoes | Lawn Treatment Mosquitos Tulsa

Oklahoma’s annual rainfall is 41 inches on average. This spring and summer season has been extra wet, with a total of 14.77 inches just in the month of May!  All of the Tulsa-area lakes are above average, and your own backyard is probably pretty soggy too.   While our plants and grasses are benefitting from […]

Keep Your Lawn Green This Summer with Sprinkler Repair in Tulsa

A healthy lawn needs the right conditions to stay lush and green: good soil, proper sun, good nutrition, and of course, plenty of water! Sprinkler irrigation systems are a great way to water your lawn, but make sure that you’re ready for summer by inspecting your sprinklers for any signs of wear and tear. A leaky system doesn’t […]