Fall into Fescue!

reseed your fescue in the fall to keep it coming back lush and green

Back to school means it’s time to reseed.

The end of summer is more than just getting back to school; it’s also the time to reseed your fescue lawn.

If you have a yard with part or full shade, fescue is a wonderful option. It’s rich in color and soft, providing a beautiful ground cover in darker areas where other grasses struggle.

However, unlike Bermuda and other grasses, fescue doesn’t grow back on its own after it goes dormant over the summer, so it needs to be reseeded in the fall every year.

How to get the best results from reseeding

The fescue seeding season starts around mid-September, when nighttime temperatures are solidly in the 60s on a regular basis.

Even if it gets warmer during the day, the heat doesn’t really hit until later in the afternoon, and it cools down much more quickly once the sun sets.

This weather is perfect for fescue’s germination and growth. It will grow for a little bit in the fall, and then once temperatures get too cold–usually by mid-November–it goes dormant until the spring, when it explodes into beautiful new growth to give you a lush, green lawn.

Seeding needs to be done fairly early in the window, September or early October. Your lawn can still be reseeded on into November, but you’ll get more luscious results from your grass if you seed earlier in the season.

Prepare today for a lush spring lawn

Get your fescue seeding scheduled today to ensure your lawn is ready for spring! Call Oklahoma Landscape for pricing at 918-299-LAWN, and have a lawn that will spring back in 2020.

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