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Measure the E T of the landscape without the high cost

In the past, the controller was nothing more than a timer that applied the same amount of water to your landscape at prescribed intervals, whether it was needed or not. Then rain sensing devices were added to interrupt the watering cycle if a rain event occurred. Now, the ability to measure the ET (evapotranspiration rate) of the landscape is available without the high cost and size associated with controllers and weather stations of the past. These devices allow on-site weather conditions to be transmitted directly to the controller. The controller then adjusts the amount of water to apply each day based on that data.

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Smart Controllers

Irrigation controllers available today are able to automatically adjust daily run times based on the needs of the landscape. The Smart Controllers utilized by Tulsa's Oklahoma Landscape uses a simple sensor to determine the proper amount of water required by the landscape, thus reducing water consumption by one third or more. This promotes a healthier landscape as over-watering is virtually eliminated, allowing the plants and turf to thrive in their environment.

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ET Weather Sensors

This Tulsa irrigation system has multiple programs allowing you to separate different parts of your landscape into different zones, each with their own watering schedule. These sensors and controller systems are economically priced and in most cases are no larger than the old rain sensor devices, but allow homeowners to reduce as much as a 50% of their water consumption while creating a healthier lawn.precise zone and system control.