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Add character to a landscape

Hardscapes are the inanimate, permanent features in a landscape such as those made with stone, concrete, wood, or brick. These elements, when expertly woven into your Tulsa landscape’s theme, provide the accent and stabilizing effect a landscape needs to be an outdoor environment. Our design/build team is ready to give your landscape modern warmth with the right combination of Tulsa hardscapes.

Our Tulsa landscape architects are adept at bringing art to life in the stone and brick hardscapes that add character to a landscape. A brick patio, a stone walkway, bridge, or wall in Tulsa creates a charming atmosphere in an outdoor environment. A marble deck, poolside bar, or countertop in your outdoor kitchen provides an elegant entertaining feature to the space. Stone water features give landscapes energy and set a tranquil tone for the entire garden.

oklahoma-landscape-Hardscapes 1

Setting The Tone

The right hardscape adds depth, strength, and beauty to a landscape setting the tone for your entire outdoor environment. From classically regal to romantically elegant to urban flare, hardscapes do much to change the aesthetic appearance of a Tulsa property.

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Hardscape Considerations

Our Tulsa landscape architects are trained to be perceptive when it comes to designing the perfect hardscape for your home. They take into consideration your home’s architecture, topography of the land, and your own aesthetic ideas to create hardscapes that accentuate the value of your property.