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Individualizing irrigation to specific needs conserves water

Our state-of-the-art irrigation systems can also vary the control over different sections or “zones” of the landscape, individualizing the irrigation to the needs of a specific area, thus conserving the most water. This system allows us to quickly detect and resolve any irrigation issues.

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How To Save Water

Water conservation in the irrigation system begins with determining any weaknesses in the system. This is accomplished by a thorough irrigation audit, then addressing any problems that are found. Correcting nozzle issues, poor head spacing and upgrading your controller can save as much as 50% in water consumption while still maintaining a vibrant landscape. As your Tulsa irrigation specialists, Oklahoma Landscape can help you conserve water and have a more efficient irrigation system.

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Proper Run Times

A large aspect of water conservation is the proper scheduling of irrigation controller run times. We can effectively manage and control your system to run at the best time and for the right amount of time to be most productive. Our systems also have diagnostic weather sensors that can identify changing weather conditions and react with the appropriate run times. With the proper design, installation, and control of the system, we can conserve resources while giving you a healthier landscape through proper watering.