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Create a natural flow for water to disperse

The most effective way to resolve surface drainage problems is to create a natural flow to a relief area or street. In areas where this is not feasible, catch basins are used to capture and then disperse the water through tight line systems. Corrective grading of the land may also be needed to direct standing water into drainage basins and pipes.

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Surface Water Pooling

Because of the elevation of a certain area or the soil itself not allowing water to perk through, surface water can pool in areas around your home or garden. The Tulsa surface water drainage specialists at Oklahoma Landscape can design a custom drainage management system for your home.

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Management Water Plans

Our exterior water management team evaluates the total area along with the type of surface, whether turf, concrete, etc., that needs to be drained and calculates the size of basins that need to be used. These basins usually range from 4" or larger.

Contact us to schedule a consultation and estimate. We will analyze your Tulsa home's drainage needs, build a custom drainage plan for your landscape, and then meet with you again to discuss a management plan.