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Bringing rejuvination to your irrigation system

Missing sprinkler heads? Broken piping?
If your sprinkler system is not aging well, give us a call.
No matter who installed your sprinklers or how old they are,
we can bring your sprinklers back to life.

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Sprinkler Repair

Oklahoma Landscape services all brands of Tulsa irrigation and sprinkler systems. Our technicians are trained to efficiently diagnose and properly repair problems in your sprinkler system, from the simplest nozzle or head replacement to the most complex wiring, valve, or controller issues. Our service vehicles are stocked with a variety of irrigation parts to minimize repair time and allow your irrigation system in Tulsa to be operational as quickly as possible.

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System Renovations

Our technicians will design the most proficient Tulsa irrigation system renovation method for your property creating the most water efficient system available. The ability of your irrigation system to deliver water across the landscape evenly, and in the precise amounts needed by the landscape, is paramount in creating an efficient system. We accomplish this through proper placement of sprinkler heads, the correct sizing of irrigation nozzles, proper zoning of the system, and using the latest products available for precise zone and system control.