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Bring life to your garden one drop at a time

Too much water is just as harmful to landscapes as too little. A drip irrigation system will gently water your flowers, shrubs and trees on a daily schedule. Scheduling means less water usage, which means cost savings for you.

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Conservation Benefits

Drip irrigation is a far more water-conserving system than traditional sprinkler systems. In general, drip applications use 30% - 70% less water than an overhead irrigation system, and plants grow to maturity about twice as fast. The Tulsa drip irrigation experts at Oklahoma Landscape can design the perfect irrigation system for your landscape. With drip irrigation, water loss due to evaporation, mist, surface runoff, or wind interference is virtually eliminated.

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Plants & Shrubs Will Thrive

A slow, steady application of water and nutrients directly to the plant's root system is the best way to ensure plant health and vitality. Water spray on buildings, windows, or fencing is eliminated. With drip irrigation in Tulsa, unsightly brown spots on roses and other flowers are also avoided, since spray never touches the plants. Mulch and foliage are kept dry, reducing fungal diseases. Drip irrigation lines install easily in tight, awkwardly shaped areas that are hard to water with spray or rotary sprinklers with precise zone and system control.