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Redirect rain with effective drainage control

Keep your foundation dry with a tightline system. This enclosed buried PVC pipe and drain system directs water away from your foundation which reduces shifting and prevents flooding.

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Tightline Drainage

Tightline drainage systems are typically PVC piping systems with glued connection joints. It is recommended that gutter downspouts be connected into a tightline system that carries the roof storm water away from the foundation of the home. Drain inlets placed around the property can also be connected into a tightline system for effective drainage control. The Tulsa tightline drainage experts at Oklahoma Landscape can effectively keep water in its place with a custom-designed drainage system.

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Benefits Of Tightlines

Tighline drains improve flow during hard rain events. They are self-cleaning, allowing for miscellaneous debris to wash out of the system. Tightlines are less likely to be crushed by vehicle and/or machine traffic and have a long life.