The Absolute Best Time to Treat Your Lawn for Mosquitoes | Lawn Treatment Mosquitos Tulsa

The Absolute Best Time to Treat Your Lawn for Mosquitoes | Lawn Treatment Mosquitos Tulsa

Oklahoma’s annual rainfall is 41 inches on average. This spring and summer season has been extra wet, with a total of 14.77 inches just in the month of May!  All of the Tulsa-area lakes are above average, and your own backyard is probably pretty soggy too.


While our plants and grasses are benefitting from all the abundant moisture, unfortunately all the standing water means a bumper crop of mosquitos. If you haven’t already noticed an increase in the biting pests, you soon will.


As the temperatures rise, mosquito enter their breeding season. And mosquitos breed all summer long, until the first freeze of cycle

The best time to treat for mosquitos is soon at the spring rains stop and the summer heat comes on strong. The best way to combat a mosquito infestation is to have your lawn professionally treated. If you live in an urban area where mosquito “fogger” trucks come around to spray, you may feel that is sufficient. However, most mosquito treatments only work on contact. So unless the “fog” reaches your backyard and makes direct contact with a mosquito, it doesn’t do you a lot of good. Fogger trucks do reduce the overall mosquito populations, but your personal lawn and garden will only truly be mosquito free with a personalized, direct treatment.


Oklahoma Landscapes offers a monthly mosquito control program, which is a cost effective add-on for existing Lawn Care customers. And of course, mosquito control treatments are also available for new customers and can be applied this week!


Don’t wait until you and your family are being eaten alive by mosquitos; contact the experts at Oklahoma Landscape to schedule your mosquito treatment program today.


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