Keep Your Lawn Green This Summer with Sprinkler Repair in Tulsa

oklahoma-landscape-Sprinkler Repair TulsaA healthy lawn needs the right conditions to stay lush and green: good soil, proper sun, good nutrition, and of course, plenty of water! Sprinkler irrigation systems are a great way to water your lawn, but make sure that you’re ready for summer by inspecting your sprinklers for any signs of wear and tear. A leaky system doesn’t only fail to get your grass the water it needs; it can also be costly and environmentally irresponsible.  Oklahoma Landscape can take care of all of your needs for sprinkler repair in Tulsa. Our experienced irrigation specialists can service any kind of system, even if we did not originally install it.

Check All Heads and Hoses

If you haven’t already done so this summer, perform a thorough inspection of your system. Run one zone at a time to check that everything is in order. Sprinkler heads can be damaged by foot traffic, lawn mowers, or normal wear and tear. Make sure each head is spraying properly and in the right direction—no reason to waste perfectly good water on sidewalks and drives. Clear out any overgrown plants or other objects that may be blocking the spray. Low pressure might indicate a hidden leak in your lines. Contact our irrigation specialists to perform any needed sprinkler repair in Tulsa.

02-25-15-sprinkler-spring-readyHave Your System Work Smarter, Not Harder

Oklahoma Landscape installs state of the art smart controllers to help you get the most out of your irrigation system. Even if your plumbing is in good shape, your outdated controller may still be wasting water or working inefficiently. Controllers used to do little more than apply a set amount of water to your landscape at regular intervals, but modern technology can help your lawn receive only the water it needs, where it’s needed. Our advanced systems utilize ET (evapotranspiration rate) sensors to measure on-site weather conditions, which can then be transmitted directly to the controller. These devices don’t just detect rain, but actually measure the moisture lost from the soil. ET sensors are economically priced and can be placed in each zone of your lawn to reduce as much as 50% of your old sprinkler water consumption.

Remember that a few deeper waterings are typically more effective than frequent light sprinklings. Two waterings a week should be enough to get your lawn’s recommended one inch of water. If you’re unsure whether your controller is programmed properly, contact Oklahoma Landscape to get your whole system optimized. Smart controllers can even be set up to transmit data to Oklahoma Landscape to help quickly detect and resolve any irrigation issues with remote diagnostics.

tulsa-landscaping-contractor-2Winterizing Your Sprinkler System

After all the heat has passed, don’t forget to check back and winterize your sprinkler system in the fall. Our service department can help protect your system from harsh winter temperates and educate you on how to prevent costly damage. Monthly, bi-monthly, and annual service programs are available to keep your irrigation system in top working condition!

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