Tulsa Landscape Design Do’s and Don’ts

You want your yard to look beautiful, inviting, and pleasantly unique, but Tulsa landscape design can be tricky. Before you set out to renovate your landscape, keep in mind these helpful landscaping guidelines to ensure your outdoor living space looks its best. Landscaping Do’s… First and foremost, do carefully create a landscape design plan before […]

Tulsa Landscape Design – Landscape Makeovers for Older Homes

Just like an older home, over time your landscape will need little renovations or even a complete “remodel” so that it doesn’t look outdated. In fact, giving your landscape a makeover can help to make your home look more contemporary as well. So, what can you do to make sure your landscape and home look […]

How to Deter Rabbits and Deer from Your Tulsa Landscape

Are rabbits and deer constantly nibbling away at your garden? We may love to watch these beautiful creatures in the wild, but it’s not so fun when they begin to destroy the flowers and vegetables in your backyard. What can you do to keep these garden pests away? One way to deter rabbits and deer […]

Adding Color to Your Tulsa Landscape This Fall

Fall is almost here. Leaves will be changing soon and a crisp fall breeze will brush through the Tulsa landscape. Many love the fall season for the vibrant display of colors that can be seen across Oklahoma. For an even more colorful fall season, many homeowners plant trees, shrubs, and perennials that are known for […]

Tulsa Landscape Design: Great Plants for Edging

Landscape design combines nature with artistic expression. Using a variety of plant colors and textures makes a landscape look like a living work of art and creates the peaceful ambiance where friends and family can relax and have fun. One aspect of Tulsa landscape design is creating definition to a space with edging. Many different […]

Pet-friendly Tulsa Landscape Design Ideas

We love our pets. They really become like family. So as the weather gets warmer and we spend more time outside, we want our four-legged friends to similarly enjoy the outdoors and their own outdoor environment. How can you create a more pet-friendly Tulsa landscape design ? Dogs, of course, love to run and play, […]

Landscape Design and Curb Appeal – Working to Sell Your Tulsa Home

Landscape Design and Curb Appeal – Working to Sell Your Tulsa Home

Have you been thinking of selling your Tulsa home? Are you looking for cost-effective ways to make your home more attractive to buyers? Landscaping can actually be very effective in adding curb appeal to your home. Real estate agents generally advise against making costly, major home improvements purely to try to sell your home, whereas […]

Add Color to Your Tulsa Landscape Design this Winter

Add Color to Your Tulsa Landscape Design this Winter

With cold winter weather in Tulsa, you may be wondering if there’s any way to liven up your landscape this winter. Fortunately, there are ways to bring color to your Tulsa outdoor environment even when the weather is dreary. Many plants have interesting and colorful bark and shapes that stand out in the winter months. […]