Real Landscape Experience – Aaron Wiltshire

Dreams Meet Reality 

With almost 40 years creating beautiful landscapes, our team of professionals deliver an outdoor space you can be proud of. But all that experience started with one man, our president and CEO, Aaron Wiltshire. Here’s a little from his story – and some details behind our confidence in designing the best landscape for you, your home and business.

Why experience matters to Aaron Wiltshire
This year will be my 36th year in the green industry in Tulsa!

I can remember just getting started and how it felt to work hard to provide the best lawn care and landscaping services for my customers. 

But all my youth and energy couldn’t make up for my lack of experience. I often told a customer I could achieve a certain outcome…only to realize later that I really couldn’t!

It didn’t take many of these types of mistakes for me to learn that, in certain circumstances, I needed to adjust my message and set proper expectations.  

Honesty Builds Trust

Once I started having more realistic conversations with my customers, our relationships greatly improved. And it set the stage for success rather than failure.

If I continually tell our customers that we can give them a “Weed Free Lawn” no matter how exciting that sounds, I would be sending a less than honest message and putting our relationship at risk.  

Be Part of Our Story
My job is not to get in and out of the lives of my clients. Instead, I want to be a part of their story. And I want the results of our relationship to produce something beautiful that works for them and lasts.

If you want a gorgeous landscape, a wonderful outdoor space, or excellent lawn care – we’d like to be part of your story. Call us today to be a part of ours. We’re here to help.

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