5 Proven Backyard Design Ideas

With the Oklahoma summer in full swing, it’s time to start thinking about the many ways you can start improving your outdoor space!

Need help finding a starting place? We’ve compiled 5 backyard design ideas to help you start improving your outdoor space.

Fire Pits – The Multi-Season Gathering Spot

A fire pit is multi-seasonal and never goes out of style. Adding a fireplace to your backyard is an excellent and easy way to increase the appeal and versatility of your outdoor living space.

Pools – Family Fun Takes All

When it comes to family entertainment, few things compare to the joy a pool can bring during those hot summer months. Pools are a terrific way to boost family fun.

Add to that a proven way to work out those stiff muscles, and potentially raise the value of your home, and you have a well-formed plan.

Outdoor Kitchens – Eat Al Fresco

Enjoy meals outside throughout the year with an outdoor kitchen in your own backyard all season long!

These enjoyable outdoor spaces make cooking al fresco even more delightful.

What better way to expand your understanding of the joy of cooking than with an outdoor kitchen!

Outdoor kitchens are quickly rising in popularity, and for good reason. They add a unique flair to the home and allow you to make some interesting dishes as friends and family enjoy the nice weather.

They also add a unique new way of showing off your skills and entertaining guests in an incredible environment!

Pavers – Making Spaces in the Green

Pavers lay out a sleek, modern look to any landscape and are customizable enough to add your own unique style to any landscape. Build a pathway between the outdoor kitchen and your home’s back door. Wind a simple trail through the azaleas in the beds surrounding your home. Even plot a small patio around a fire pit for intimate conversations.

The possibilities are limited only by your creativity – feel free to call us for ideas!

Retainer Walls – Taking Design to a Whole New Level

Retainer walls may serve the purpose of holding back the earth, covering unsightly irrigation, or even protecting your home from flooding, but height and organization are secondary benefits.

Use these artistic opportunities to build differing levels, swift changes of design and terrain, and help you create the environment of beauty you’ve been dreaming of.


Adding fun and interesting designs lets you personalize your own backyard. Schedule a consultation with one of our seasoned design experts. We’re here to help.

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