Adding Color to Your Tulsa Landscape This Fall

fall landscape designFall is almost here. Leaves will be changing soon and a crisp fall breeze will brush through the Tulsa landscape. Many love the fall season for the vibrant display of colors that can be seen across Oklahoma. For an even more colorful fall season, many homeowners plant trees, shrubs, and perennials that are known for their amazing fall colors.

The Chokeberry is a hardy deciduous shrub that creates an outstanding display of fall color with orange-red fall foliage. This shrub thrives in full sun and can tolerate partial shade as well. The Amur Maple offers excellent red color during the fall and can act either as shrub or a small tree depending on how it’s pruned. Different varieties of Sumac including the Tiger Eyes Sumac variety provide stunning displays of fall color with scarlet, orange, and yellow foliage. These Sumacs are hardy shrubs that thrive in full sun and shouldn’t be confused with their poison sumac cousin.

The Virginia Sweet-spire is another brilliant shrub with great ornamental fall colors. Growing in either sun or shade, the Virginia Sweet-spire will showcase small white flowers in the summer and then its green leaves will turn to a bright red, yellow, orange, or even rich burgundy color during fall.

Of course Maple trees will add a rich display of color to your Tulsa landscape this fall. From the widespread Red Maple to the Japanese Maple, these trees are known for their crimson colors and graceful, unique shapes. The Autumn Purple Ash tree is another fall favorite with reddish-purple leaves that change earlier in the season than other trees. Dogwoods offer great color during any season with white and pink flowers in the spring and purplish-red leaves in the fall.

Sedums are a vibrant perennial for fall color as are Fall Crocus, Asters, Helenium, and the brilliant Colchicum. These are all great perennials that bloom in the fall and can bring a boost of color to your garden late in the season. For a bit of color contrast, the Russian Sage is a perennial that offers a collection of purple-blue flowers from midsummer to fall.

Decorate your Tulsa landscape this fall with some of these brilliant late season trees and shrubs.

For more ideas on how to add amazing color to your fall landscape, contact the Tulsa landscape design specialists at Oklahoma Landscape. We can create a unique color palate for your Tulsa home and garden and create brilliant interest in your landscape throughout the year.

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