Tulsa Hardscape Materials – What are Hardscapes? How Can They Improve your Outdoor Environment?

You may often hear the words hardscape and hardscaping used by Tulsa landscaping companies, but what exactly are hardscapes and how are they useful in your outdoor environment?

hardscapes and paversHardscape materials become the foundation of a great Tulsa landscape. They are the permanent, inanimate features in your landscape – those made with concrete, pavers, stone, wood, or brick. Used to build permanent structures, they help to stabilize the landscape and often provide the basis for an outdoor environment like an outdoor kitchen, pool, or fireplace. In even a small outdoor living space, hardscaping can give you the extra seating, dining, and cooking prep space you need to elegantly entertain guests.

With an almost endless variety of shapes, textures, and colors, Tulsa hardscape materials can really set the tone for your outdoor environment – from romantically elegant to modern urban designs. These materials can really change and enhance the look of you property.

tulsa hardscapesHardscapes such as pavers can easily expand your outdoor space creating a paver patio. These patios can become an extension of the home itself. That’s why it’s important to consider the architecture and feel of your home when installing hardscapes so that the tone and feel of the hardscape complements that of the home and the rest of the property.

stone hardscapesHardscape materials help you effectively and visually divide a landscape. A pergola, arbor, or other outdoor structure can help to separate an outdoor kitchen or dining area from the rest of the outdoor living space while providing some shade on a hot day. Permanent outdoor seating can be built to encircle an outdoor fireplace. Retaining walls can divide various sections of a property, even creating different levels for a landscape. Stone walls add charm and character while providing privacy.

Water features help to create a focal point for your landscape. Built using a variety of textured hardscape materials, water features bring color and interest to your outdoor environment.

And, of course, a walkway or path of hardscape materials like stone or concrete pads warmly welcomes guests to your home or guides them through the backyard.

The Tulsa hardscape experts at Oklahoma Landscape are adept at designing and building the right hardscapes for your landscape to perfectly complement your home, the topography of your land, and how you want to use your outdoor environment.

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