Water Landscaping Trends Perfect for Tulsa Outdoor Living

The gentle sounds of water flowing are always a relaxing feature of an outdoor living space in Tulsa. Many residents are thus opting to build beautiful and sometimes unique water features in their outdoor environments. Not only adding a relaxing tone to the outdoor living area, water features also can become the focal point of the space and can attract colorful birds that help to enliven the space even more.

water featuresEspecially if your landscape has a slope or variations in its topography, a flowing stream and waterfall are perfect additions to your garden. Line the stream with colorful native plants to provide more eye-catching interest and you create a beautiful path through your outdoor living space. As Better Homes and Gardens (BHG) noted, “Run your stream over different materials and at varying depths to create a variety of delightful gurgles.”

tulsa water featuresWater features and gardens with an Asian theme are becoming more popular as homeowners want a more relaxing tone in their outdoor space. Whether simply for meditating by the water or a space for entertaining, Asian-style water gardens offer a unique, Zen-like atmosphere. Using bamboo, arbors, wooden teahouses and bridges, winding paths, and reflecting pools, you can bring your Japanese garden to life.

Adding hardscapes around your water feature can really enhance your outdoor living experience. Building a pergola and seating area can help provide a place to relax and contemplate life while watching your water garden, which may be teaming with fish or surrounded by birds that flock to the colorful foliage nearby the water feature. An artful bridge offers an additional focal point across a stream or pond. A deck adjacent to a pond or other water feature provides a great place to unwind or entertain. Using various pavers and hardscapes in an assortment of textures and shapes can create more character and charm in your water garden.

If you would like to start small, BHG recommended placing a water feature in a planting bed or even using a bowl filled with a miniature water lily to serve as an outdoor dining centerpiece.

Whether you would like a more formal water garden or something with a more relaxed, even country feel, the Tulsa landscape designers at Oklahoma Landscape can create the perfect outdoor living area for your lifestyle and home.

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