Perfect BBQ Chicken Tips for Your Tulsa Outdoor Kitchen

It’s been a very rainy spring in Tulsa this year, but as soon as the skies clear, we know many of us will be waiting with our tongs and propane standing by-it’s almost grilling season! Here’s a few tips to help you get the most out of your Tulsa outdoor kitchen as you grill up […]

5 Cooking Tips to Break in Your Tulsa Outdoor Kitchen

Nothing says summer like grilling out in your new Tulsa outdoor kitchen. Check out these simple grilling tips that will make you look like a pro-your food will taste like it too! Setup Your Work Space Every good cook knows the work flow of a kitchen is important, and your outdoor space is no different. […]

Outdoor fireplace Tulsa

Tulsa Outdoor Entertaining Ideas

Why settle for the typical cookout, when just a little effort and creativity can turn your event into an evening your guests won’t forget? Pick a theme to follow, make your invitations, and get your friends excited. Beach/Hawaiian Luau Theme Put together a menu of kabobs or sea food with lots of fresh fruit. Pineapple […]