Tulsa Outdoor Entertaining Ideas

Outdoor fireplace Tulsa

Why settle for the typical cookout, when just a little effort and creativity can turn your event into an evening your guests won’t forget? Pick a theme to follow, make your invitations, and get your friends excited.

Beach/Hawaiian Luau Theme

Put together a menu of kabobs or sea food with lots of fresh fruit. Pineapple is essential, and pork ribs can also make a great main dish (or roast pig if you’re daring!) Beach parties are great for entertaining the kids. Create a temporary sandbox in a kiddie pool for a sandcastle building contest or break out the paddle ball, volleyball, or limbo. Add a water element with pool games or use sprinklers or water balloons when the weather gets hot. Tiki torches or an outdoor fire pit are the perfect touch to complete your tropical setting once the sun goes down.

Mexican Fiesta Theme

Tulsa outdoor kitchen and poolTacos or fajitas are always an easy option, but look into some other creative options like fish tacos or ceviche (they’re not actually that hard to make). These dishes are light and fresh and perfect for summer! Mexican food is also great for snacking, so equip your patio with plenty of chips, salsa, guacamole, queso, and other dip choices. Don’t forget about the margaritas and consider putting together something for the kids like virgin piña coladas or even a piñata.

Country Barbecue Theme

Summer is the perfect time for grilling, and what better way to show off your new Tulsa outdoor living space than to fire up the grill for a country barbecue with grilled chicken, ribs, or steaks? A great idea for the foodies in your friend circle is to stock up on a few different varieties of barbecue sauce or invite them to bring their own (every good barbecue fan has a favorite!) Tell your friends to come in casual country western apparel, pump some country classics over the stereo, and set up a dance floor for after dinner. Don’t forget to brush up on your line dancing and two step moves before your party!

Good food is usually the centerpiece of any successful outdoor party, and a few extra details will go a long way. Special touches (like the warm glow of string lighting over a dance floor) can really set the tone as soon as your guests arrive. Use these ideas to give your guests an excuse to relax, step out of their usual environment, and talk about something besides work… it’s the weekend after all!

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