5 Cooking Tips to Break in Your Tulsa Outdoor Kitchen

Nothing says summer like grilling out in your new Tulsa outdoor kitchen. Check out these simple grilling tips that will make you look like a pro-your food will taste like it too!

Setup Your Work Space

Every good cook knows the work flow of a kitchen is important, and your outdoor space is no different. Our Tulsa outdoor living specialists will help you design an outdoor kitchen with all the space you are going to need. Identify which areas will be best for prepping, cooking, serving and cleaning. Be sure to bring all the necessary materials for each space, so you don’t spend your time running back and forth between indoors and outdoors. Little things like a trash can and paper towels can make for a lot of unnecessary trips.

Designate a Social Area

If your outdoor kitchen has a bar, make sure it is fully stocked before your guests arrive. It’s a good idea to place bar and beverages away from your main cooking space. Conversing with guests while you prepare the meal is great, but there is nothing worse than too many ‘chefs’ in the kitchen crowding your work space. Better yet, Oklahoma Landscapes designers can create an outdoor environment alongside your outdoor kitchen that you can designate for drinks and relaxation.

Prepare What You Can in Advance

A grill built into a Tulsa outdoor kitchenPrepare your food in advance by marinating the meat and veggies you are grilling. You can even marinate in foil packets that you can just throw on the grill whenever you’re ready. Prepping food ahead of time makes for tastier grilling, and clean up is a cinch with disposable packaging! A well-planned meal lets you spend less time cooking and more time with your guests.

Helpful Tools

Just as your outdoor kitchen space is specifically designed for productivity, make sure each area is equipped with the right tools. Avoid mess and confusion by making the necessary preparation room and selecting the tools for the food you will cook. There are a few accessories that every outdoor cook should have, including a brush, tongs, and meat thermometer. For the seasoned chef, you may also want to consider some additional tools to add to your repertoire. Experiment and find out which ones work for your space and needs. The Fire Wire® is a flexible skewer made of stainless steel cable that enables you to prepare kabobs and put them into a marinating bag. When you’re ready to cook, you simply take them out and place them directly onto the grill. If you have a pizza oven you may want to buy a pizza stone, even if you don’t have one you can buy one to fit onto your grill!

Experiment with New Food and Beverages

It is always fun to try out new meals. Especially when you are breaking in your new Tulsa outdoor kitchen, who wouldn’t want to take advantage of all their new equipment? Whether its just barbecue, stone fire pizza, or fish tacos, don’t be afraid to branch out of your normal routine and try out some fresh seasonal dishes. The internet is full of fun recipes, and helpful tips addressing many of the questions you may have!

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