Tulsa Landscape Lighting – An Essential Part of Your Outdoor Living Space

landscape lightingWhen homeowners think of their outdoor living space, they often only think of the landscaping or hardscape features – the plants, walkways, outdoor kitchen area, or pool – but there’s another important aspect of landscape design – outdoor lighting.

Often overlooked, landscape lighting is an essential part of your Tulsa landscape design. Landscape lighting serves so many vital functions in your landscape, especially when most homeowners just get to enjoy their homes at night or on the weekends. If you don’t have outdoor accent lighting, then you’re not getting the full benefits from your outdoor living space.

Outdoor lighting provides safety. One of the most important benefits of Tulsa landscape lighting is the added safety and security it affords. With properly placed outdoor lighting, guests can walk safely down a stone pathway or garden stairs. Visitors can also be safely guided to your front door or down your driveway with the right landscape lighting. If your children get home late after practice, outdoor lighting can also help to keep your children safe as they enter the home.

Burglars are often also deterred by a well-lit home and landscape. It’s important to keep areas by doors and shrubs well-lit so as to prevent thieves from having a convenient hiding place. Landscape lighting can also help prevent your home from looking unoccupied and thus more of a target for burglars.

Landscape lighting highlights the beauty of your outdoor environment. Outdoor lighting can help to accent certain important aspects of your home or outdoor living space. It really can transform the look and feel of your landscape and make it come alive even more.

“Soft lighting in a dark outdoor environment is nothing short of magic. It provides a warm, inviting ambiance that beckons us outdoors,” The Landscaping Network noted. “It creates mood, romance, and drama. It adds interest and intrigue to any settling.”

outdoor lighting tulsaNo wonder then that, as The Landscape Network added, nightscaping is “one of the hottest trends in outdoor home improvement today.”

landscape lightingBut as they went on to mention, landscape lighting can be a challenge for homeowners to install by themselves. Knowing where to place the lighting and what landscape elements to highlight can be tricky. Professional Tulsa landscape lighting installers like those at Oklahoma Landscape use specific methods and techniques to achieve the right look and feel for outdoor lighting. The style of the landscape lighting should really complement the architecture and personality of your home.

Balanced lighting can really enhance your pool, outdoor kitchen, or other landscaping or hardscape features, but this landscape lighting also needs to take into account changes that could happen to your landscape over time or throughout the various seasons.

Outdoor lighting allows you to get the full use from your outdoor environment. Tulsa landscape lighting is key to getting the most benefit from your outdoor living space. Especially when the days get shorter, landscape lighting can help you to still be able to entertain family and friends outside comfortably. Outdoor accent lighting also creates the perfect atmosphere for entertaining, bringing a lively feel to your outdoor living space.

There are so many great reasons to have landscape lighting designed and installed in your outdoor environment. From increasing safety and security to allowing your landscape to really come alive at night, custom outdoor lighting is a must for your Tulsa home and landscape. Talk to our Tulsa landscape lighting specialists today about the custom designs they can create for your home.

(First photo by Stephen Calsbeek)

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