Advantages of Custom Tulsa Landscape Lighting

Advantages of Custom Tulsa Landscape Lighting

Lighting is vital inside our homes, why shouldn’t it be outside? Tulsa landscape lighting can brighten up your home this winter while giving your property added character and definition. There are numerous advantages to installing lighting in your outdoor environment. Notice just a few:

Enhance your Landscape Design

Well-planned Tulsa landscape lighting can significantly enrich the design and feel of your outdoor living space. Lighting can accentuate the architecture of your home and highlight features of your landscape like a statue or birdbath that might otherwise be missed. Imagine the effect of balanced lighting around your pool or spa. Accent lighting should complement the entire landscape, and the style of the lighting should complement the personality of the home. Different effects can be created by using various lighting types and angles such as highlighting, silhouetting, wall lighting, moonlighting, and shadowing. Each of these lighting techniques create a unique lighting tone for the garden – telling a story about the landscape through lighting.

Extended Outdoor Use

landscape lightingWho of us wouldn’t want to enjoy more use of our outdoor environment ? With effective landscape lighting, homeowners can use their outdoor living space during all hours of the day even when the days start getting shorter. Landscape lighting enables homeowners to have parties and family gatherings outside at night comfortably and safely. Romantic evenings can be spent outside talking in a comfortable outdoor living area. Get the most from your outdoor environment with efficient landscape lighting. Environmentally-friendly and safe LED lighting can offer significant savings over traditional landscape lighting. LED lighting offers lower operating costs with less maintenance and longer bulb life.

Safety and Security

One of the main advantages of Tulsa landscape lighting is the added security and safety it provides. Well-lit pathways, walkways, steps, and entrances offer much protection against falls and trips. Driveway lighting can help guide people safely while also aesthetically connecting the home and landscape. Steps leading to the house or to a backyard deck or patio can present a particular stumbling danger, but stylish and effective pathway lighting of these areas can prevent serious injuries.

Also, burglars are less likely to target well-lit homes. Keeping areas near doors, shrubs, and windows well-lit can help deter burglars who prefer to hide in the cover of darkness. Proper landscape lighting can help prevent your home from looking unoccupied and vulnerable to thieves. Lighting can go a long way in creating a more safe and secure home for your family.

A custom Tulsa landscape lighting design allows you to beautifully showcase your outdoor living space while stylishly making it more safe and secure, and giving you more time to “find yourself outside.”

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