Tulsa Landscape Design: Great Plants for Edging

Landscape design combines nature with artistic expression. Using a variety of plant colors and textures makes a landscape look like a living work of art and creates the peaceful ambiance where friends and family can relax and have fun. One aspect of Tulsa landscape design is creating definition to a space with edging. Many different plants and materials can be used to edge a landscape or separate one space from another. Sometimes hardscapes such as stones, brick, or pavers are used as edging around a flower bed or along a pathway. But there are a number of plants that work great for landscape edging.

Better Homes and Gardens highlighted several flowers and plants that are perfect for edging. Here are some of their picks for best garden borders:

Alyssum, they noted, is a nice annual edging plant. With its compact design and dense spray of tiny white, pink, or lavender flowers, the alyssum makes a very colorful bouquet of edging for your flower bed.

A terrific fit for the shade, Japanese forest grass thrives in the shade and creates “compact mounds of gracefully arching foliage” that makes a nice accent along borders. Lady’s Mantle is great for “softening the edge of a shaded path or creating a groundcover” with its groups of chartreuse flowers and scalloped leaves.

Called “nearly the perfect plants” by Better Homes and Gardens, Sedums look great from the day they sprout with different varieties hosting orange, pink, red, and white flowers. Varieties such as Matrona, they noted, create a cool edge with taller plants behind them. These plants are also very drought-tolerant and need little care.

“Covering itself with adorable bobbing pink flowers,” the thrift plant makes a delightful edging plant or groundcover. This perennial has grassy foliage combined with small clusters of colorful flowers.

Herbs like English lavender, sage, and thyme can also make great edging plants. Other edible plants for borders and edges include strawberries and rhubarb.

The Tulsa landscape design professionals at Oklahoma Landscape can help you design the perfect garden for your home. We can help you choose the right edging plants for your pathway or border to create a crisp, polished look for your Tulsa landscape.

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