Add Color to Your Tulsa Landscape Design this Winter

Add Color to Your Tulsa Landscape Design this Winter

With cold winter weather in Tulsa, you may be wondering if there’s any way to liven up your landscape this winter. Fortunately, there are ways to bring color to your Tulsa outdoor environment even when the weather is dreary.

Many plants have interesting and colorful bark and shapes that stand out in the winter months. Dogwoods have red, yellow, and green stems that can bring a snap of color to your landscape throughout the winter. Redosier and Yellow-twig Dogwood have a nice, showy bark that are great for Oklahoma landscapes.

Harry Lauder’s Walking Stick has unusual branch designs that make an interesting landscape piece for the winter. Other plants with interesting branches perfect for a snowy winterland include Euonymus and Japanese Kerria.

winter interests plants tulsaShrubs that produce berries add much color to the landscape during the winter while they also attract birds to watch from the warm comfort of your Tulsa home. Berry shrubs include a wide array of holly plants like Blue Holly, American Holly, and Yaupon Holly, as well as other shrubs like the red chokeberry with its vivid red fruit that stands out beautifully against the contrast of evergreens. Evergreen plants of course provide nice background foliage for winter.

Flowering plants that look great during the Oklahoma winters include Camellias that have pink or white blooms, as well as Witch Hazel, Forsythia, and Jasmine.

But if you want a quicker way to dress up your landscape this winter, planting miniature conifers in a container garden in different areas of your outdoor space as well as other potted plants like poinsettias can quickly spice up your landscape. Carefully-planned landscape lighting also brightens up the winter months and creates an inviting atmosphere to guests.

Oklahoma Landscape’s horticulturists and Tulsa landscape designers can help you choose the best plants and shrubs to help brighten up your Tulsa landscape and keep it healthy all winter.

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