Winterizing Your Lawn Irrigation System

Year-round Lawn Irrigation: Winter Make-Ready

Winter is almost here, and it’s time to think about completing a winter make-ready on your sprinkler system.

If you have fescue, watering your lawn is a year-round affair. Fescue requires water to keep the roots healthy and hydrated, so turning off your irrigation system completely is not an option.

Rain Freeze Sensors are typically installed for those with fescue lawns. They work just like their name says, by shutting off to prevent the sprinkler from activating during or after a rain, or when the temperature drops below freezing. Shutting off the irrigation system during freezing temperatures prevents damage to the system, and to your lawn.

However, even if you have a Rain Freeze Sensor, it needs to be winterized. So please call a professional landscape company to prepare the system for winter.

Winterization and Shutdown

For those who stop watering their lawns when the cold weather hits, a professional should come out for a full winterization. A sprinkler system is integral to maintaining a lush, healthy lawn, and this process will protect your irrigation all winter until your lawn begins to regrow in spring.

A full shutdown involves emptying all pipes and valves, shutting off the backflows, and doing a full inspection of all equipment before closing it down until warmer temperatures return.

Irrigation Service Program

If you’re ready to winterize your lawn irrigation system, we have all the skills and experience to complete the job quickly and thoroughly. To make this seasonal To Do a little easier to remember, we offer an Irrigation Service Program that provides discounted rates for startups and shutdowns.

Simply call us anytime at (918) 299-LAWN to get started.


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