Why it’s Important to Maintain your Pool in Winter

All pool builders in Tulsa recommend that some maintenance is done over the winter months. To keep your pool in prime condition for summer use, it is important not to neglect it during the colder months, and the following steps should to be taken to maintain it in winter.

Prepare in Advance

Reduce the water level before the start of winter, by draining your pool until the water is about four to six inches below the pool skimmer.

Drain all the water from pool pipes, the pump, filter, heater and any other pieces of equipment. If water remains inside one of these and freezes during the winter, it could cause cracks to appear in parts of your pool equipment, which would need to be replaced or repaired by pool builders in Tulsa.

Before covering up your pool for the winter, check that the cover is free from dirt and damage. The best way to ensure that a cover will provide protection in the winter is to give it a good cleaning in the spring and to make sure it is dry before storing it for the summer in a suitable place.

Before covering your pool over for winter, check it over to see if you will need pool builders in Tulsa to carry out any necessary repairs or renovation work.

Winter Chlorine Level and Algaecide

Try not to leave a high level of chlorine in the water over the winter months, because this could bleach the color from your pool liner. In the fall you should add just enough extra chlorine to keep the water clean.

Algaecide should also be added to your pool in the fall, before placing a cover over it for the winter. This will help to prevent the water from turning green and soupy.

Remove Winter Debris

All the dead leaves and other debris that accumulate on a pool cover throughout the winter months should be removed before the cover is lifted in the spring. Use a sump pump or vacuum cleaner to make sure that there is no debris or standing water left on top of the cover when it is removed.

Remove Algae and Bio-film

Early in the spring, or when there is no more chance of the water freezing, pour one or two gallons of liquid chlorine into the pool by lifting one corner of the cover.

Micro-organisms start reproducing when the temperature rises, so the best time to open up your pool is well before the weather starts to get warm, but after the risk of freezing has passed.

If the water has gone green by the time you open up your pool, add some extra chlorine and check the water again when the pool filter has been operating for a few hours. If the water has still not become clear, add some algaecide and more liquid chlorine and repeat the process. Consult your pool builders in Tulsa if any further treatment is required.

By following these tips you will be able to keep your pool well maintained throughout the winter, as recommended by all good pool builders in Tulsa, and it will be in the best condition for use throughout the summer.

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