When Should You Water Your Lawn & For How Long?

Spring is just around the corner and the snow will be on its way. The time to plan your outdoor garden and landscaping is come, and there are plans to be made. Between deciding on perennials and what needs trimming this spring, you should be giving some thought to the largest part of your yard: your lawn.


Lawn care is essential in Tulsa and sprinkler systems will need to be blown out once the weather gets a little nicer. One thing that tends to catch people off guard during lawn care season is the notion of watering their lawn. It’s easy to see when it needs to be mowed, but it’s not as obvious when it needs to be watered or for how long. As far as most Tulsa residents are concerned, the sprinkler system comes on and gives the lawn all the water it needs. This may be the case, but it helps a great deal if you understand just when and for how long you should be watering your lawn.


When Should I Water?


Watering your lawn should take place in the morning if possible. Morning is the best time to turn on your sprinkler system in Tulsa because that’s when your lawn is able to absorb the most H2O without losing much to evaporation. Watering in the afternoon can mean you lose a lot of that H2O to evaporation, which means the water won’t penetrate very deep into the grass (if it gets there).


Another benefit of watering in the morning is that the water pressure will be at its highest point that day. The longer you wait, the more water pressure is being pumped into other systems and onto other lawns and properties.


How Much Should I Water?


It’s important to pay attention to the amount of rainfall Tulsa is getting. If it’s raining consistently, you won’t need to water as much; if it’s been dryer, you can start up your Tulsa sprinkler system. This is a fairly obvious statement, but it also has to do with a phenomenon known as evapotranspiration, or ET. This phenomenon means that for each inch of water ingested by your grass through watering there is an amount of water that is lost through ET. The ET level can be found in the paper.


For How Long Should I Water?


When you turn on your Tulsa home’s sprinkler system, you should be aiming to saturate your lawn to its roots. These roots dive to about 6 inches below the surface. Saturation can be measured using a digital sensor or even with a shovel. It’s important to water your lawn once the water level reaches 3 inches below the surface. Any less and your lawn runs the risk of drying out completely and turning brown.


You should be cautious not to overwater as well. Overwatering can make it tough for your grass to use the water effectively since there is so much of it. Make sure to be checking the saturation level throughout the watering process.



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