Winter Landscaping: Flowerbed Care & Color

Beautiful things bloom here in northeastern Oklahoma in spring, summer, and fall, but winter is the season of landscaping challenges.

Pretty Flowerbeds Increase Home Value

Adding seasonal plants and flowers in winter makes a big difference in your curb appeal. In fact, landscaping alone can increase a home’s value by 14%, a significant number if you consider how simple it is to call a professional landscaper to get the job done right.

At Oklahoma Landscape, we take the time to get those flowerbeds into shape after summer flowers fade and fall leaves drop.

Clean Out the Debris

The first step is to remove the dead leaves, weeds, and flowers from the bed. Leaves left on the lawn are a breeding ground of bacteria and disease! Not only that but leaves left over an extended amount of time blow onto the lawn and kill the grass there too. While we’re there, we take the time to remove the old mulch as well. Your flowerbed is now fresh and clean – ready for new mulch.

Add Fresh Mulch

Did you know that mulch insulates plant roots from freezing temperatures, ice crystals, and general bad winter weather? It also reduces weed growth in those lovely flowerbeds and gives the yard an overall manicured look. Finally, fresh mulch conserves water by keeping water in the root zone. You should find that a well-mulched flowerbed doesn’t require as much water as those exposed to the elements.

Bring the Color!

Winter has a reputation for killing everything beautiful that grows, so it’s no wonder that the hardy pansy shines during these cold and dreary months. Let us brighten up your landscape with these delicate-looking beauties. In spite of their appearance, the pansy can withstand freezing temps with ease. And they come in all colors to fit your decor or personal taste.

So if you’ve been looking to add some winter color to your landscape, give us a call today at (918) 299-LAWN.

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