Tulsa Pool Builders Describe the Latest in Cool Pool Features

infinity pools tulsaHave you dreamed of having a pool in your own backyard? The Tulsa pool builders at Oklahoma Landscape can design and build the custom pool of your dreams. What features will your custom pool have? Here are some of the latest (and coolest) swimming pool trends…

Infinity edge pools. This type of pool feature creates the visual effect that water in the pool is extending out to the horizon or to “infinity” with no edge to hold the water in, similar to how the edge of a waterfall looks from the top of the waterfall. This feature is also called a zero edge, vanishing edge, negative edge, or disappearing edge pool. Infinity pools are often a common feature at luxury resort hotel pools, and give the pool a dreamy, “romantic” look that you’ll simply fall in love with.

Zero entry pool. This is another elegant pool feature to compliment your infinity edge pool. Rather than steps leading into the pool, a zero entry pool has a slope entry that gradually gets deeper as you go farther into the pool. This pool feature can give the feeling of being at the beach and simply walking gradually into the ocean. Like being at the beach, this feature allows you to sit comfortably in a shallow pool of water maybe with a drink in-hand, just without sitting in wet sand.

zero entry pool tulsaJumping platforms. If you want to add a little more excitement to your Tulsa pool design, install a jumping platform or a fun slide. These platforms or diving boards (if your pool is designed to be deep enough to be safe for diving or jumping in) allow more functionality for your pool area. Whether a wooden platform or a slab diving rock, these jumping platforms offer a fun area for kids or adults alike. Stone pavers or boulders surrounding the jumping platform can add a natural elegance to the pool.

Rock climbing walls. Do you love rock climbing? Why not add a climbing wall to your custom Tulsa pool design? Have fun rock climbing without the bulky ropes and harnesses. These fun and athletic custom climbing walls offer a great way to enjoy the sport of rock climbing while also enjoying the water.

Volleyball net. Take your pool games and fun to the next level by adding a deck mounted volleyball net. This pool accessory will be fun for the whole family, and a great way to entertain friends.

Built-in hot tub. One of the most classic Tulsa pool design accessories, in-ground hot tubs and spas are the ultimate in poolside luxury. Create a romantic night at home with a built-in hot tub in your Tulsa outdoor environment. With a variety of options and designs available, a hot tub or spa would complete the look and function of your custom pool area.

The Tulsa pool builders at Oklahoma Landscape can design and build a custom pool for your Tulsa outdoor living space with all the latest trends in pool accessories. Call us today to discuss features for your dream pool!

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