Tulsa Patios: Top Trends in Outdoor Furniture

When you think of enjoying more time in your Tulsa Patio, you probably think of outdoor furniture. From outdoor daybeds to al fresco dining sets, patio furniture allows many to enjoy the comforts of the indoors while being able to “find yourself outside.” So what’s going on in the Tulsa patio furniture world? Let’s take a look at some trends.


First things first, selecting patio furniture is very much an individual art – what works for one space and home may not work for another. Each designer has his or her own preferences and style and certainly should feel free to express that in their own Tulsa outdoor living space. That being so, there are some patio furniture trends that many homeowners may want to take a point or two from to meld with their own style in order to set up a Tulsa patio space that they and their guest are sure to love.

Bigger Could be Better

As opposed to just a chair or two, a conversation set or a sectional piece is popular in many outdoor living spaces. Often the life the party, these patio furniture options make for a great space for entertaining and relaxing with family and friends. Sectionals with neutral colors can be changed dramatically by simply adding colorful throw pillows, allowing for versatility with hosting.

Quality is King

Being able to enjoy your Tulsa patio for years to come with minimum maintenance and not need to replace furniture is a big element of many homeowners when choosing outdoor furniture. So no surprise that quality outdoor furniture is on the upswing. There are many high-quality, long-lasting outdoor furniture materials to choose from like wrought iron and synthetic rattan. In addition many pieces also can have weather resistant fabrics that are highly durable. While the initial invest with these pieces might be greater, their long-term usefulness and enjoyment can be well worth it.

Out with the Old, in with the New

Modern design elements are definitely in vogue right now with patio furniture. So if you like clean lines and a minimalist style that doesn’t sacrifice convenience and comfort, then you’ll love much of the patio furniture selections in stores now. Modern pieces reflect a chic, structured look that often brings cohesion and elegance to an outdoor living space.

So with all that’s going on in the outdoor patio arena in Tulsa, you’re sure to find ample reason to “find yourself outside.”

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