Tulsa Patios – Create an Inspiring Outdoor Living Retreat

tulsa patiosPatios are no longer just an afterthought space in the backyard. Custom patios for Tulsa homes can be much more than a simple outside spot to grill or a place to sit a couple of lawn chairs. Today, patios serve as the foundation for purposeful outdoor living areas that can become the center of activity for the family.

patio design tulsaThese custom patio areas act as an extension of your indoor living space, providing the perfect area for outdoor dining, entertaining, relaxing, and much more. Thus, not only do they provide more functional living space, but they can significantly increase the value of your home and property.

Although many think of patios as mere concrete slabs, custom patios in Tulsa can be designed using a variety of attractive materials including pavers, natural stone, flagstone, brick, stamped concrete, and cobblestone. The patio materials for your outdoor living space can be chosen so as to best match the architecture and style of your home.

And while the patio can be built as a direct extension of your home, it can also be constructed away from the home as an entirely separate area to create a focal point in the landscape. And instead of one large patio area, you could separate the patio into multiple outdoor living spaces depending on how you want to use your landscape and outdoor environment.

fire pits tulsaPatios become the foundation for a world of outdoor entertaining. They become the basis of a luxury outdoor kitchen or outdoor fireplace. The design of the patio really sets the tone for the outdoor environment, and the materials used can determine what theme the outdoor living space will have – whether modern, Old World, Mediterranean, Tuscan, etc.

outdoor fireplaces tulsaOutdoor kitchens and fireplaces have really become popular in Tulsa as places to gather, relax, and entertain friends. There are a variety of different styles of patios and outdoor living areas to choose from depending on their function. The Landscaping Network lists the four most popular patio styles as dining patios, bistro patios, living room patios, and sundeck patios. Whether you implement one style and function or incorporate all of them into your outdoor environment, good planning is key to an effective and inspiring outdoor retreat.

Thus, having a Tulsa landscape designer assist with the planning and building of the patio and outdoor living space can really help prevent problems and create the most durable and most valuable outdoor environment. The landscape designers at Tulsa’s Oklahoma Landscape can design a patio to match your home, your landscape, and how you want to use the space. Thus, a well-planned patio and outdoor environment can considerably enhance your home and help you get the most use from your backyard area.

Call us today to see how we can help you create the perfect outdoor living space – starting with a well-designed patio area.

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