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Springtime doesn’t just mean more sunlight and warmer weather. It also means it’s time to wake your sprinkler system up from its long winter nap, and get it ready to take care of your lawn and garden once again.

While winterizing your system is important to keep it protected from the cold, it’s equally important to check everything over once spring arrives so that you don’t run into any issues once the sprinkler system turns back on.

At Oklahoma Landscape, we have an 8-step process for performing springtime maintenance on our clients’ sprinkler systems.

  1. Open the main gate valve: Before we start any maintenance, we open the main gate valve at the meter in order to pressurize your system.
  1. Open the main ball valve: We open the main ball valve to charge the backflow.
  1. Inspect the mainline station valve and backflow device: We check these two items for any leaks or breaks. If we find any, they will need to be repaired before you can use your system.
  1. Check system timer: We inspect your system timer to make sure that not only is it functioning, but that your sprinkler system is set to the correct timing for your lawn’s needs. We will also replace the battery backup in your system to make sure it continues to function as needed even if your home loses power.
  1. Clean sprinklers and fix sprinkler heads: Over the winter, leaves and other debris will have gathered around the sprinkler heads, which can hamper your system’s efficiency and effectiveness. We will locate all the sprinkler heads on your property, clean them off, and see if any are in need of repair.
  1. Check for clogging: When checking your sprinklers, we will also check to see if any of the sprinkler heads are clogged. If they are, we’ll either clean the filter or, if that doesn’t work, repair or replace the sprinkler head. Full repairs (for any part of the maintenance process) will need to be scheduled separately.
  1. Check distance from garden beds, paths, and curbs: We will ensure all of your sprinklers are located at least two inches back from any curbs or pathways in your lawn and garden. This will prevent any damage to the sprinklers when you’re using an edge trimmer.
  1. Check sprinkler placement: If your sprinkler heads are misplaced, then sections of your lawn are getting more water than others, which means you might see ugly spots where your lawn is either too dry or too wet. We’ll check to make sure your sprinkler heads are spaced properly so your lawn gets as much coverage as possible.

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