Tulsa Landscape Design with Privacy in Mind

Tulsa Landscape Design with Privacy in Mind

tulsa landscape designWould you like more privacy in your Tulsa outdoor living space? Although we love our neighbors, there are times when we just want to be alone and block out excess noise pollution, especially when we’re relaxing in our outdoor environments. How can landscape design help to create a more private luxury retreat? How can the Tulsa landscape designers Oklahoma Landscape assist in creating that longed-for privacy?

tulsa fence designThere are numerous ways to add privacy to your outdoor space. For those who would like more natural privacy, various types of hedges like evergreen arborvitaes and deciduous privet shrubs can create a living privacy screen that can also protect your home against harsh Oklahoma winds and reduce noise. Many homeowners are now mixing their privacy plantings together to create a layered effect with various trees, shrubs, annuals, and ornamental grasses planted in a staggered height pattern. This makes not only a mixture of heights but also a mixture of colors and textures that can elegantly hide your backyard. Thus, much can be done to add privacy to a Tulsa home simply by effectively using landscape design to provide a natural screen to your outdoor living space.

For a more traditional look, a wooden board fence is a good choice and can be built rather quickly. These can be stained in a variety of colors to complement your home and come in a variety of styles. Adding an ornamental arbor or other lattice at the entrance provides an interesting focal point to embellish the board fence.

tulsa retaining wallsA trellis can also be used to support growing vines or flowers and will help to create privacy for an outdoor space. These may not provide complete privacy and allow more sunlight, but they provide the visual separation many homeowners need to feel that they have a more secluded space. Adding a fountain or other water feature can help to reduce noise pollution and create a calming effect in your outdoor environment.

Retaining walls and freestanding walls can also add privacy as well as character to your Tulsa landscape. These can be built using a diversity of materials from stone to concrete, wood, or other materials. These walls can be designed to match the style of your outdoor environment and home. Wall materials can be aged and textured to resemble Old English cottages, or they can be more symmetrical and smooth to give the landscape a modern feel. Not only do these stone and concrete walls add privacy, but retaining walls can also be used to elegantly divide areas of your outdoor living space, creating more definition for the landscape, and help to prevent erosion.

The landscape architects at Tulsa’s Oklahoma Landscape can design and build the perfect privacy elements to complement the style and purpose of your outdoor living space. So find solitude in your outdoor environment with effective landscape design that has privacy in mind.

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