Tulsa Landscape Design: Low-Maintenance Plants

In Tulsa, and really all of Oklahoma, we know drought. We understand how tough it can be for Oklahoma’s plant, wildlife, and even us to survive the heat of summer here. To combat the effects of a long drought and overall help with the global conservation of water and resources, many Tulsa landscape designers are using low-maintenance landscaping techniques.

This type of Tulsa landscape design utilizes native plants that are already better suited for the Oklahoma weather as well as drought-resistant plants. Native plants are also more resistant to local insects and disease. Using these types of plants can often reduce your landscape’s need for irrigation and maintenance. Succulents like aloe, cacti, and sedum are usually very tolerant of dry weather, although do need more water during their growing season and prefer soil that drains well.

Ornamental grasses such as feather reed grass, blue oat grass, and purple fountain grass are another type of decorative foliage that can withstand drier conditions. Some groundcover plants and shrubs can also do well in dry conditions. Groundcover can be used on slopes to replace lawn areas that are difficult to mow.

Using low-maintenance or xeriscaping techniques can also include grouping plants together with similar watering and sunlight needs so that less water is wasted. This form of landscape design also groups together plants that tend to require the same amount of maintenance will also make landscaping and lawn work much easier.

Hardscapes are also used in low-maintenance landscaping to cut down on the resources and energy used to care for a landscape. A stone walkway or paver pathway can reduce the amount of regular maintenance while also creating an interesting dimension to your landscape.

Another aspect of low-maintenance landscape design in Tulsa is preparing the soil well for native plants and shrubs. Making sure the soil is well-nourished with regular lawn fertilization will help reduce its need for water. Using a good mulch or compost can also help your soil retain water better as well as preventing weeds and erosion.

The Tulsa landscape design architects at Oklahoma Landscape can help you create a low-maintenance landscape design plan that’s best suited for your particular landscape with the perfect plants, shrubs, and hardscapes to complement your home and lifestyle.

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