Tulsa Landscape Design – Front-yard Makeover Ideas for Spring

Tulsa Landscape Design – Front-yard Makeover Ideas for Spring

tulsa landscapingIs your Tulsa lawn and landscape needing a makeover? While the winter may have left your lawn looking a little lackluster, you can have your landscape looking awesome by summer. A few simple makeover tips can give your landscape and your home itself a whole new look.

To put life back into your lawn, a good Tulsa lawn fertilization and weed control program will give your turf the nutrients it needs to thrive – even during the hot summer months. This weed control program gives you the foundation needed to have a beautiful lawn and ultimately a beautiful landscape. Along with these weed control programs, mulch is great, simple addition for gardens to give the area a more finished look while also helping to control weeds.

tulsa paversOther homeowners may opt to remove most of their lawn in favor of a more low-maintenance landscape design. These Tulsa landscapes utilize native plants and more hardscapes in order to use less water and require less maintenance.

Building a pathway to your home entrance with stone pavers or stained concrete pads create an interesting and inviting visual line to your home. Pavers come in a wide array of styles, colors, and textures to easily and quickly add character and sophistication to your front-yard.

Lining this pathway with a garden of native and colorful plants and shrubs will brighten your entire landscape. In fact, you could almost fill your front landscape area with colorful foliage and plants – varying their size, color, and shape to create a vibrant mosaic that welcomes your guests.

Building an ornamental fence from wood panels or lattice that doesn’t necessarily block out all of the view but rather visually divides your landscape can create privacy and structure for your front-yard. This can also be accomplished with decorative walls or retaining walls of varying levels that will ornately create sections for your Tulsa landscape design.

Adding a small fountain or other decorative water features can also help to transform your landscape.

These are just a few of the numerous ways to spruce up your front-yard this spring. Talk to the Tulsa landscape design specialists at Oklahoma Landscape to see how they can help renovate your landscape.

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