Tulsa Fire pits – Designs and Ideas for the Perfect Outdoor Entertaining Spot

Do you want to add a little excitement to your Tulsa outdoor space? A fire pit is just what you need to create a cozy and inviting spot in your outdoor environment.

fire pits tulsaFire pits can become an enchanting focal point of an outdoor area – bringing the entire area to life, so to speak, with their warm glow. You will need to check with your city or neighborhood officials for any rules or codes regarding building a fire pit or outdoor fireplace.

These hardscapes can be custom-built using a wide array of materials to add a unique character to the outdoor space while complementing the architecture and feel of the home and surrounding landscape. What material you use, may depend on a variety of factors such as if you want a mobile or permanent fire pit, or if you want to use it for cooking. If you want a permanent fire pit for your Tulsa home, you’ll need to use a more durable material like stone, brick, or concrete. Often, you can use a variety of materials to add more character and create a more vibrant fire pit. Some types of fire pits, such as some gas ones, HGTVGardens noted, are not designated for cooking or will not support a grill. Sometimes an attached table or extra space that can be used as a table can be built with the fire pit allowing a place for easy dining. Many brick, stone, or cinder block fire pits, HGTVGardens said, are great for using with grills or rotisseries.

tulsa fire pit designsWhile the traditional round fire pit design may come to mind, they really can be built in a variety of shapes like rectangular, square, and even L-shaped. Often built-in seating around the fire pit or a lounge area with stylish outdoor sofas near the fire pit offers a relaxing place for friends to talk. Other times, homeowners may want a simpler look like Adirondack chairs to complement their classic fire pit look.

Fire pits built near the pool or spa area really enhance the feel of the outdoor environment and make the space great for entertaining any time of the year.

Spring is a great time to enjoy the warm glow of a fire pit amid the cool night air. Oklahoma Landscape’s hardscape experts can design and build the perfect fire pit for your Tulsa home.

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