Tulsa Commercial Landscape Design – Why Getting in Touch with Nature Can Increase Productivity

Tulsa Commercial Landscape Design – Why Getting in Touch with Nature Can Increase Productivity

We’ve all taken a relaxing stroll through a city park or left our cubicle to sit on a bench outside next to strategically-placed trees and plants that provide a refreshing hiatus on a hectic workday. These are all part of Tulsa commercial landscape design that artistically blends greenery and nature into the architecture of commercial properties.

Why is commercial landscape design in Tulsa vital? Being around nature is important for our mental and physical health. Studies published in the Journal of Environmental Psychology noted that “being outside in nature for just 20 minutes in a day was enough to significantly boost vitality levels.” This means that incorporating landscape design into a commercial office park or campus can help to increase productivity in employees.

“The quality of a person’s physical surroundings has a real and profound impact on their attitude and performance as well as their enjoyment of a place,” the American Society of Landscape Architects said regarding the PepsiCo World Headquarters commercial landscape design project. In this project landscape architects designed a sustainable, quality environment with accessibility to nature, formal landscapes as well as sculptures. “The quality environment created at PepsiCo resulted in lower turnover, less absenteeism, shorter lunch hours and greater productivity,” the article noted.

This increased energy and improved outlook in relation to being in nature can also translate to customers. Many retail environments and corporate office parks have brought thoughtful landscape design to their Tulsa commercial properties to create a more welcoming atmosphere for clients. Well-manicured and beautifully-captivating commercial properties provide a curb appeal that greatly enhances the corporate image of a company and can attract business.

Many cities are incorporating more landscape design and water conservation into their streetscapes, giving a more natural, sustainable appeal to their city and creating a more enjoyable place for residents and customers. Students can learn more studying outside on a beautifully-manicured college campus. Tenants are attracted more to apartment communities with nature parks and stylish greenery areas.

All of these commercial spaces are benefiting from landscape design. Commercial lawn maintenance also relieves stress from Tulsa businesses. Landscape design and lawn maintenance can be one less thing a property manager has to worry about with professional landscape design for his or her company. Not only increasing the curb appeal and beauty of the property, commercial landscape design in Tulsa can also increase productivity and even sales by creating a more positive, refreshing environment for everyone.

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