Transform your Landscape with Tulsa Outdoor Lighting Design

There are numerous reasons to add landscape lighting to your Tulsa outdoor environment. From the practical reasons to the aesthetic, outdoor lighting offers a plethora of benefits. What are some ways that landscape lighting can transform your Tulsa landscape?

tulsa landscape lightingInterestingly, in using Tulsa outdoor lighting, most, if not all, of the practical benefits can also provide the aesthetic as well – if the landscape lighting is done in the right way. Thoughtful and well-planned landscape lighting is one key to good lighting. Careful lighting design is balanced and takes into account the tone and effect you want for your entire night landscape. To be balanced, you’ll want not only to light the exterior of your home, but also extend the visual depth with landscape lighting in shrubs and trees reaching out for a distance in front of your home.

On the other hand, some times less is more with outdoor lighting in Tulsa. While pathway lighting can offer both practical and aesthetic benefits, this lighting needs to gently guide visitors along a path and not look like a runway of sorts. These gentle pathway lights can also be placed to illuminate attention-grabbing and colorful plants along the route, thus adding a little more color and interest to your landscape that otherwise would be lost at night. Using environmentally-friendly and safe low voltage lighting is a great way to light these paths.

With the days getting warmer and longer, many Tulsa homeowners will be spending more time outside enjoying their outdoor environment on the weekends. But what about during the week? Even though you may not get home until close to dark, there’s no you still can’t enjoy your outdoor space. Landscape lighting, including patio, deck, and hardscape lighting, can transform your outdoor environment, creating a new nighttime world. Accent and moonlighting can provide soft glow you need to comfortably enjoy your outdoor space.

With accent lighting, you can also highlight interesting features in your landscape such as a statue or water feature, creating a focal point for your outdoor space.

There’s so many different things that can be done with Tulsa landscape lighting. While creating more function in your outdoor space, lighting can be done in such an artistic way that neighbors have to look twice as they pass by your home and landscape.

Our Tulsa landscape lighting design experts can create a lighting design that will be as functional as it is beautiful so that you can “find yourself outside” any time of the day or night.

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