Top 7 Things Your Tulsa Outdoor Kitchen Needs

Have you been thinking of adding an outdoor kitchen to your Tulsa home this year? When you think of your dream outdoor kitchen, what would it include? Nowadays, you can have almost anything in your custom Tulsa outdoor kitchen.

What are some the most popular features of outdoor kitchens ? We’ve narrowed them down to seven key things every outdoor kitchen should have to really entertain in style.

1. Swim-up poolside bar. You may have seen them at some luxury resort hotel pools, but your own Tulsa pool and outdoor kitchen area can have an elegant and enjoyable poolside bar. Fun for adults and kids alike, these bars bring the kitchen to the pool with easy poolside dining.

2. Wood fired pizza oven. If you like restaurant-style pizza, a wood-fired pizza oven to accompany your outdoor kitchen is a must. Besides cooking great tasting pizzas, these classic ovens provide a Tuscan feel for your outdoor space.

3. Grills. Of course every outdoor kitchen will need a proper grilling station. Gas grills with accompanying side burners allow you to cook right away. Kamado-style grills, noted, are very versatile cookers with an oven, grill, and smoker along with a great ability to retain heat. Some outdoor kitchens also have rotisserie grills and convection ovens for even more restaurant-style cooking.

4. Mini fridge. What kitchen can be complete without a refrigerator? Built-in stainless steel appliances like mini fridges make preparing and cooking outside a breeze.

outdoor fireplace tulsa5. Outdoor fireplace. As part of any complete Tulsa outdoor environment, you’ll need an outdoor fireplace to complement your outdoor kitchen area. Imagine relaxing by your outdoor fireplace after a nice meal prepared in your outdoor kitchen. These fireplaces can be as elegant or as simple as you’d like them to be and can be custom made to match the décor of your outdoor kitchen and home.

outdoor kitchens tulsa6. Wine cooler. As part of your top-of-the-line appliance set, don’t forget the elegant and handy wine cooler. Keep all your wines chilled and ready to serve with a built-in wine cooler. Great for entertaining!

7. Sink and storage. Again, every kitchen must have a great sink and enough storage space. And your outdoor kitchen is no different. There are a variety of stainless steel sink options available including those with pull-down faucets for easy cleaning. Adequate storage is also a must for an outdoor kitchen. Continually carrying everything you need like utensils from inside to your outdoor kitchen can be frustrating, so these built-in storage and waste containers make prep and cooking times much shorter and easier.

These are just a few of the many options you can have when designing and building an outdoor kitchen. The outdoor environment specialists at Oklahoma Landscape in Tulsa can help you choose the right options and features for your outdoor kitchen. They can custom-design and build an outdoor kitchen that will be the ideal outdoor entertaining spot.

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