Tips for Choosing the Best Tulsa Pool Builders for Your Project

You’ve decided that you want a pool. But with numerous pool builders in Tulsa, how do you know which pool contractor to choose?

Sadly, picking the wrong pool contractor can be a nightmare, so when you’re shopping for a Tulsa pool designer and builder, keep in mind these tips:

Compile your list of potential builders. Ask friends, family, and neighbors which pool contractors they would recommend. If you see a pool you like in a neighborhood, stop and ask the homeowner who they used and how the building process went. Look at the websites of local pool builders to see a variety of pool designs and get an idea of which features or designs you like best. Choose a local Tulsa pool builder who will be here to assist you even long after the pool is built.

Check their ratings. Always look up your list of potential builders on the Better Business Bureau’s website to see their rating and if they have had any complaints filed. See how long they have been in business.

Visit the company unannounced. Stop by the company in person to get a good feel for how their business is run. Are their employees courteous? Do they seem knowledgeable and professional? Is the owner involved in the company full-time?

Ask for a list of references. The pool builder should be able to provide you with a list of recent customer references. Call these references and ask them how the building process went and what they thought of the finished product. Marcus Sheridan from River Pools and Spas in Virginia recommended a certain way of asking for these references. He said to first ask how many pools they built last year. Then ask the contractor to give you a list of those references from that year. If the contractor only gives you a small number of references in comparison to how many he said he built total last year, then as Sheridan said, he may not have had a good satisfaction rate.

Also, ask to see their insurance certificates and a list of supplier references to make sure they are financially stable in themselves.

tulsa pool designersGet everything in writing. When the pool builders comes to your home to discuss your pool design ideas and building site, ask them for a pool design and get a written bid. If they make any promises or claims including warranties or purchases, get it in writing. Make sure the bid is specific including brand names for products.

Comparison shop. Don’t sign any contract on your first appointment. Carefully consider your options and don’t rush your decision. Make sure you read all proposals carefully before you sign. Make sure you choose a designer that will listen to your wants and needs.

Again get all contracts in writing. Once you’ve told the Tulsa pool builder any changes you would like to see to his initial design, get a revised bid in writing again with all specifics and brand names of equipment included. Also ask them for a completion date. Get all the specifics with the construction in writing.

If you’re searching for a Tulsa pool designer, make sure you keep in mind these tips. Check out the Tulsa pool builders at Oklahoma Landscape, measuring us against this list, to see why we’d be a great fit for you.

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