Things to Consider Before Building a Custom Pool

The cost of an inground swimming pool is always going to be something which feels a little daunting. It doesn’t matter how big you want it, how luxurious your choice of materials are, or how accommodating your backyard happens to be – these things will, of course, have an impact on the price, but the project is bound to be expensive either way.

The modern swimming pool, especially when custom built, is a long term investment. In other words, it does not come cheap, but it will add a significant amount of tangible value to your property. If designed and constructed correctly, with the help of expert pool builders in Tulsa, your inground swimming pool can be both a permanent treat and a nest egg for the future.

These handy tips and tricks for building a custom pool will help you to understand what needs to be considered before embarking on the project, even within the support of expert pool builders in Tulsa.

Picking Your Pool Design

There are three main varieties of inground swimming pool; concrete, fiberglass, and vinyl lined. If the completely custom build is appealing to you, the option to go for a concrete pool should be a similarly attractive one – with concrete, there are a surprisingly limited amount of restrictions on shape, design, and size. However, it will take longer to build a concrete inground pool than a vinyl lined or fiberglass construction; usually between 2-3 months. You should determine whether or not you need the help of pool builders in Tulsa before you start any work on the project.

Shopping Around For a Quote

As with most commercially available products, it is well within your rights and your ability to gather up some appealing estimates, from a range of prospective providers, suppliers, and construction companies, and compare them to work out which businesses are going to offer you the best rates. This is the best way to find reliable and affordable pool builders in Tulsa, because it will give you a chance to determine where each provider or supplier stands within the market; from cheapest to most expensive.

Checking the State Regulations

The inground swimming pool, custom or not, is governed by a plethora of construction and zoning laws, just like any other heavy duty home improvement or alteration. This means that you will almost certainly be required to register for a construction permit and seek affirmation from local authorities before you can legally start work on the project. Whilst zoning laws are different in every state, generally speaking, they require the property owner to erect a suitable fence (for safety) and keep the pool an appropriate distance from septic tanks and sewer lines.

Choosing a Suitable Location

This is precisely the sort of thing which expert pool builders in Tulsa will be able to help you get right. It is absolutely imperative that you pick a suitable spot for your inground pool, otherwise you will face chronic problems throughout its entire lifespan. If you do not have any professional knowledge or insight into selecting a location, defer to the advice of the experts. It is a good idea to opt for a spot which is not too close to trees or shrubbery, so that you do not have to invest lots of time in cleaning leaves from the water.

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