Spruce Up Your Tulsa Patio on a Budget

container garden tulsa patiosWith summer in full swing, are you looking to revamp your patio area and create a more functional and eye-catching outdoor living space? If so, here are some tips on giving your patio a touch-up without breaking the bank.

Container gardens. Artfully placed containers can bring tons of color to your patio area. They can be used to lead guests along a certain path or showcase a focal point in your outdoor space.

Curtains. Sheer curtains are one option for creating a whole new look for your Tulsa patio. Creating a little shade and a pop of color around a pergola or patio, these interior design items are also great for an outdoor environment as well.

Outdoor Lighting. Hanging lanterns are great for bringing both light and style to your Tulsa outdoor living space. They can add easily color and elegance to a patio area.

patio areas tulsaLounge area. To add more seating space to your patio, an old mattress or daybed that’s still in good condition can be placed on a platform or other raised surface to add a spa-like lounge area.

Reuse, recycle, reinvent. Signature pieces you find at flea markets or thrift shops can become focal points for a small patio area. A large secondhand table can work great in a patio dining area. Paint or stain an old coffee table to create more dining space in your patio. Create new purposes from your old furniture by staining the wood or adding trendy cushions and new slipcovers to enhance thrift store pieces.

Pillows. Speaking of cushions, just buying new cushions and pillows for your patio area can really spruce up your outdoor space. “Mixing and matching different patterns can give any space a designer look,” HGTV noted.

Paint and Art. A simple coat of paint to a patio area can completely change the look of your outdoor space. Add some unique pieces of art to your patio area that you’ve found a thrift stores over the years to reinvigorate the space. Design Sponge noted the example of one South Carolina home that used a high-gloss light blue paint on the ceiling and floors on the porch.

For more design ideas about transforming your patio on a budget, visit http://www.babble.com/home/25-beautiful-patios-on-a-budget/.

If you need help or more inspiration for creating an amazing patio area or outdoor environment, talk to the Tulsa outdoor living space design/build professionals at Oklahoma Landscape.

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