Simple Steps to Prepare your Pool for Winter

It is important to know how to prepare your pool for the winter months and keep it in good condition for next year. If any major structural maintenance is required you will need to contact pool builders in Tulsa. For basic winterization you just need to follow five simple steps.

  1. Prepare for Cleaning

Switch off the power supply and be sure that all electrical cords are removed from sockets. All pool equipment must be turned off. If you are in any doubt about the safety of any piece of pool equipment, call in some pool builders from Tulsa.

All dirt and debris should be swept away from the area around your pool before you start cleaning. If any poolside furniture is left in place it will need suitable coverings to provide protection in the winter months. All pool accessories should be removed and cleaned before storage.

  1. Test for Leaks

Small leaks need to be dealt with before preparing your pool for winter. Test for leakage by marking the water level or measuring the exact depth of water. At the same time fill a container with water and place it next to the pool so that you can check how much water loss is due to external conditions.

Make sure your pool is not used, filtered or in any way disturbed for twenty-four hours before checking the water level again. If the level in the pool has dropped more than the level in the poolside container, you need to call some pool builders in Tulsa to come and fix the leak.

Reduce the water level before cleaning your pool. Pump out or drain the water until the level is low enough so that the pool’s water inlet is clear.

  1. Pool Cleaning and Water Treatment

Remove debris, contaminants and algae from the pool by brushing the sides and floor of the pool before skimming the water.

Prevent scale and corrosion by testing and adjusting chlorine levels and balance the chemicals in the water. Pool builders in Tulsa can supply a special winterization chemical package if you want this to be added.

  1. Protect Permanent Pool Features

Rails, ladders and other metal components in a pool need protection against rust during winter months. Rust can be prevented by applying a coating of petroleum jelly to metal surfaces or by wrapping duct tape around all the metal parts.

Pool builders in Tulsa should be called in to repair any broken pool equipment.

  1. Secure Your Pool Cover

If you intend re-using a pool cover it may need cleaning first. Before placing it over your pool, always check that your cover is not torn and does not have any holes. It can either be a waterproof cover or a mesh.

Your pool cover should be a few feet wider than the measurement of your pool. If you are leaving a reduced water level in the pool over the winter, you need to support the pool cover with floating objects such as air pillows, beach balls, inflatable rafts or tires. These should be placed in the pool before securing a cover over the top.

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