Rustic Beauty Landscaping Project

Rustic Beauty in the Landscaping – The Wallace Home Project

While adding on to this hewn stone house on a hill, the Wallace family envisioned a better lawn and outdoor living space. So they brought in Oklahoma Landscape to help.

As an alternative to a highly manicured design, they wanted to keep the space as harmonious with the woodlands around the home as possible.

Going Native

Following this concept, we stacked native limestone into a curved bedline to give the landscape a flowing and natural feel. The beds were planted with pink and white azaleas along the edges, and we added height to the space against the house with yew trees and loblolly pines.

Paying special attention to the native plants around the home ties the landscape to nature, and it also provides a more subtle dividing line between cultivated and wild. This allows the rustic countryside atmosphere to become a part of a suburban property.

Following the Beautiful Path

We laid a paved stone path we laid to meander through the beds, and planted caladiums. Some local hydrangeas added their rounded loveliness to the landscape, and their rustic growth adds freedom to the space.

And For the Golfer

At the behest of the owner, we created a chipping green and putting green. Whatever happens at work, the golfer in the family has a great reason to play outside .

Room to Grow

Keeping future growth in mind we took an assessment of the beautiful woods nestled against the yard. We brought in magnolias to place throughout the yard, and hopefully, these lend their evergreen beauty for many winters to come.

Planting Trees

Planting trees brings us connectedness, and most of us look forward to seeing them grow to shelter our loved ones. Stay tuned as the owners have acquired more land around this rustic setting, and we look forward to more of this rustic beauty landscaping project.

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