Proper Drainage Protects Home Value

What is Runoff?

Runoff is the accumulation of water due to excess rain in a short period of time that runs off your land. Storm season is here, and with all of the heavy rain comes those disturbing rivulets in your backyard, puddles of accumulated rainwater, and awful pathways of bare ground carved into your lawn by rushing runoff. If too much water sits up against your house it can cause severe foundation issues.

If you’ve ever discovered a puddle of water hugging your house after a storm and thought nothing of it, now is the time to take note. Start thinking about how proper drainage in your yard might improve your landscape and prevent home damage.

At Oklahoma Landscape we’re not just here to fix a drainage issue. We understand you’ve put a lot of work into your landscaping, so we don’t want to ruin it with an unsightly drainage system.  We want you to make sure your lawn is in excellent condition, but we also care about your drainage system not looking like an eye sore.

Drainage Solutions

From a French drain, a tightline drain, or a surface drain, we have the experience to solve your drainage problems. A French drain uses perforated drain pipes placed in a gravel trench. Sub-surface water uses the gravel to reach the perforated pipe easily, and the perforated pipe directs the water away to a location that is a non-problem area.

Tightline drains use buried PVC pipes with occasional openings to have water run into them. Tightline drains are an excellent irrigation system to keep water away from foundations. It is recommended to have gutter downspouts connect to a tightline system. Rainwater can go straight from the gutter and be directed away from a foundation without the added step of sitting for any period of time.

Surface drains alleviate drainage problems by creating a natural flow that pulls water away. This may include slightly changing the incline of your lawn.

Let Us Help!

Our experienced drainage professionals are ready to meet with you personally at your home to discuss your lawn drainage problem. We live in Tulsa, so we’ve experienced the same problems you have. Let us put our expertise and experience to work. Give us a call, at (918) 299 LAWN, and let us help bring drainage solutions to your landscape!

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